Choices’ mission is to provide employment support and expand opportunities for individuals with varying abilities.

Over the years Choices has expanded its focus to adults and the right of employment for all individuals regardless of their different abilities. For the past 23 years Choices has been providing one-on-one enhanced employment supports to individuals with varying abilities that may include but not limited to:

  • Cognitive learning disabilities, i.e. Dyslexia, stuttering, literacy etc.
  • Developmental disabilities, Autism, Seizures, communication/social skills ADD/ADHD, FAS/FASD
  • Brain injury, due to stroke, vehicle accidents, traumatic brain injury, alcohol/drug related brain impairments etc.
  • Mental health issues, depression, panic/anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, addictions etc.
  • Physical disabilities, hearing/sight impairments, heart conditions, Diabetes restriction
  • Progressive/degenerative conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MS, etc.
  • Other barriers might include homelessness, lack of identification, criminal record, age, computer illiteracy, no driver’s license, etc.


Choices provides one-on-one enhanced employment supports to individuals with barriers and disabilities that include the following:

  • Resume development (intensive may be several appointments)
  • Skill development (This may include but not limited to basic computer skills, interview skills, job search strategies, budgeting etc. These are just some of the in-house workshops presented by trained in-house facilitators)
  • Employment readiness courses (1 to 3 day exposure courses, CSTS/OSSA/H2S Alive, Standard First Aid etc)
  • Job search strategies and online/paper applications etc
  • Job placement
  • Job maintenance (monthly follow-up calls/emails/texts or in person appointments from start of employment up to and including six months or in some cases up to 12 months)

Choices has two Employment Programs that targets two different groups:

  1. Employment Program - this program targets individuals with disabilities ranging from, physical, mental, developmental, progressive/degenerative conditions, and brain injury.
    Employment Program
  2. Alberta Identification – individuals who are homeless, near homeless or recently housed and accepted into the Housing First program through Centralized Intake and must be referred by one of the Housing First Partners. Alberta Identification Program - Clients must have lived in the province for a minimum of 3 months, be homeless or recently housed, over 18 and legally entitled to be in Canada.
    HOusing First Program

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

Choices has a variety of volunteer positions available.


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